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4 Reasons to Call a Professional for Water Damage

Floods, rain, snow, and burst pipes can cause serious water damage, and you’re not alone if these have happened to you. According to This Old House, about 14,000 homes experience water damage every single day. As a result, there’s a good chance you will need a water damage company to help you, so here are four reasons to reach out today.

1. Mold Is Growing

If your home has experienced a few floods or other types of water issues, it’s important to make sure that you look for mold, a very dangerous risk to your property. Thankfully, water management teams understand how to get mold under control, keeping you safe. Working with these companies minimizes the spread of harmful growths, like black mold. This creates a safe environment for your family to live comfortably.

2. Pipes Keep Bursting

Now, burst pipes are obviously a plumbing problem, but if water spills out from the pipes, water damage is inevitable. Mold, devastation to your walls, flooring issues, furniture problems, and appliance issues are all common after burst pipes. A remediation team can fix these issues and get your home back in order.

3. Selling a Home

You might think that hiring a water damage company when selling your home isn’t worth it, but that’s a common misunderstanding. You may think, "Why should I fix a home I'm selling anyway?" Well, these services can massively boost your property value. Taking steps like mitigating water damage, especially after a flood, shows sellers you take their needs seriously and makes your home worth more money.

4. Water Keeps Appearing

Why would water keep showing up in your home without explanation? Well, it shouldn’t, so there's another issue afoot. For example, you may have a poorly waterproofed basement or a damaged roof. Whatever the reason, a water damage team will help. They’ll figure out what’s happening and find the best way to keep your house safe.

These situations make a water damage company essential, especially if you live in a common flood area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Extraction Brigade today. As a prime water management team, we will repair your damage, including problems with your home’s structure, to ensure you receive the support you need to keep your home strong and safe for years.

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