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Extraction Brigade To The Rescue

Disasters can occur at any time and we are never truly prepared for them. It's comforting to know that the Extraction Brigade is able to come to the rescue for all of those in Connecticut. They have a quick response time and they are fully bonded and licensed. They will also work with your insurance company from the beginning of the project until the completion.

Your home can easily become damaged by broken water pipes, flooding and fire. When you experience this, you need help quickly. You need to get your home back to where it was prior to any type of incident so that you and your family can live in comfort and live your normal lives. It's devastating enough to know that your home has suffered damage, so you want to have a team on your side that can get your home back to the way it was before the incident.

When your home has suffered water damage, clean up needs to happen quickly in order to prevent mold from taking over in your home. You'll find the Extraction Brigade is going to be able to take care of all of your needs. They can even take care of your home if mold has already begun to form. They take out all of the bad things from your home and replace them with brand new so that everything is safe for your family.

A fire in your home is devastating. You can lose everything in the blink of an eye. Many people think that items that were in their home during a fire can't be restored, but with the latest technology that the Extraction Brigade uses, many things can be restored to their pre-fire condition. The smell of smoke can be removed and you can experience home restoration like you have never imagined. Many of your treasures can be saved.

This awesome service is not just for homes, they can take care of your commercial needs as well. If your business has experienced any type of fire, water or mold damage, they can help get you back in business a lot faster than you thought. You'll be back to business as usual in no time. You'll love their professionalism and how well they are able to take care of your restoration needs.

Flooded basements can be a huge pain to deal with, but not if you have the Extraction Brigade. They offer years of experience and a team that truly knows what they're doing. They can have your basement cleaned and ready for you and your family to use in record time.

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