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How to Restore Your Home After a Fire

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House fires can be truly devastating. Not only can they cause emotional distress, but the financial damage can be a huge burden. According to The Zebra, in a five-year period, house fires were responsible for over $6.9 billion in damages. Fortunately, fire damage companies can help put your life back together after a house fire. These professionals are trained to manage the restoration project from start to finish. There is hope after a house fire that life will return to normal. Read on to learn about three things you should do to restore your home after a fire.

1. Provide Protection

A house fire can leave your home vulnerable to intruders. A fire damage company will board up the house, use tarps, and ensure that the property is secure. These professionals will assess the damage and design a restoration plan that will get your home back in order.

Securing your property will ensure that the risk of further damage caused by vandalism is minimized. Professional help can make the process of securing your property easier. This important first step in the process shouldn't be overlooked.

2. Assess the Damage

Unfortunately, house fires can cause a great deal of damage, both seen and unseen. The damage that you can see is only the tip of the iceberg. A proper evaluation of the damage is necessary to determine if any structural repairs need to be made.

A professional fire restoration team knows what to look for beyond the obvious damage. These experts can quickly assess the property and ensure a restoration plan is developed. This will include making repairs to underlying issues that could be a safety concern.

3. Restore and Clean the Property

Smoke infiltration can damage every area of your home. With the help of professionals, the smoke odor can be removed. The right team will scour every area of your home to rid it of smoke and soot. They will clear the debris, clean the contents of your home, and clean the systems in your home, including the HVAC system.

Whatever survived the fire has the potential to be salvaged with the right help. The damage may seem overwhelming to the untrained eye, but fire damage companies can work magic when it comes to fire restoration. To put your home back together after a fire, contacting a team of professionals is your best option.

These devastating losses can be mitigated by turning to experienced fire damage companies. Contact Extraction Brigade today for the support you need. We will gladly help restore your house after a tragic event.

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