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demolition, mitigation, water damage, 2 guys removing walls due to water damage


Gallery of past projects throughout every stage of the restoration process.

Living room with water damage. Flooded from a leaking pipe.
large amount of water on floor, water damage, broken pipe
equipment to dry the living room with water damage
removed floors due to water damage from broken pipe causing flooding.
airmovers and dehumidifiers being used to dry the subfloor of a house due to water damage
3 guys changing the subfloor of a living room that had water damage
new subfloor on the floor for a living room
grey and white tiles living room floor
flooded basement, floating trash bins in over a foot of water
flooded basement and a soaking wet couch in the middle of it
molded and decaying ceiling fan due to water damage causing bad mold
A picture frame that is entirely infested with mold
black mold on wall
a large amount of insulation infront of the front door of a house scattered all over the floor
a person walking infront a huge pile of wet insulation wearing a tyvek suit and respirator
black trash bags full with insulation in a gutted house
flood cut wet damaged walls and painted studs over with a white mold encapsulation paint
flood cut wet damaged walls and painted studs over with a white mold encapsulation paint
high flood cut walls, white painted studs, white shiny tiles. Water damaged home
A spiral stair case, white doors, and cut walls due to water damage
4ft high flood cut due to flooding inside home
walls removed in order to start drying home
guy removing ceiling and wet insulation due to water damage
2 guys in respirators removing ceiling drywall
basement being dried out with airmovers and dehumidifers that experienced water damage
a guy in a respirator fixing a damaged home
a room with all new drywall
a guy on stilts putting compound and tape and new drywall.
a newly remodeled front porch with light gray vynil floors and 5 big windows with 2 wooden chairs in the background giving a comfortable feel
a collapsed ceilling due to water damage with water stains all over ceiling
a house with all walls removed and exposed studs with airmovers and dehumidifers around drying the structure
a room completley wet, a collapsed ceiling and wet soaked belongings all over the room with bubbling walls due to excessive moisture.
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